Always With Me Angel Wings Necklace
Always With Me Angel Wings Necklace
Always With Me Angel Wings Necklace

Always With Me Angel Wings Necklace

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This is an exclusive design featuring original angel wings - a widely recognised symbol acknowledging someone we love who is no longer with us on this plane. It has been designed to honour those we have lost, to be something sentimental for those of us they have left behind - something that reminds us that they are always with us in spirit, and maybe even guiding us from above.

On the reverse, we have engraved the words ‘always with me’ with room above for custom personalisation. You might choose their name, their initials, or whatever is significant to you.

Here, we’ve applied it to our 12mm Sterling Silver Necklace and Chain, but we could see it easily added to any beaded bracelet or stud earrings…. we’d be happy to work with you to customise a piece perfect for you, or for someone you know is grieving… because we are for all of your milestone moments, and to create all of your sentimental pieces - whether that is celebrating life that is, or life that was.

Flowers are nice and all, but something meaningful and long-lasting is much nicer when one is already experiencing loss.

• pendant diameter: 12mm
• chain length: 45cm
• packaged beautifully in a deluxe pouch

Available in
• sterling silver
• sterling silver, premium 18ct yellow gold plated
• sterling silver, premium rose gold plated
• sterling silver, satin finished
• sterling silver, premium 18ct yellow gold plated, satin finished
• sterling silver, premium rose gold plated, satin finished


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Only the highest quality patent leather from the best tanneries from Europe and Asia are used in the leather products available at Tesori Bellini. It is commonly known with patent leather that because of the nature of the finish, it can in some instances mark other lighter coloured patent leather. This will generally occur when left leather to leather for extensive periods of time, or under hot lights / heat.

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Each genuine leather accessory from the Tesori Bellini collection has been hand cut, sewn, lined, detailed and finished with love and care. Many of the materials used are limited and exclusive. All variations in the hide are the unique nature of nature. Your piece is a beautiful little work of art. Just like you, it's one of a kind. Treat it with care and it will gain you admiration wherever you go. Leather is designed to age with wear, and may soften and fade over time. For cleaning, see a leather specialist.