Personalisation Guidelines


$20 per set up. Currently one set up FREE for a limited time on selected pieces.

A set up refers to each time a piece needs to be designed and laid out.

e.g. If a piece is to be engraved back and front, that would mean 2 set ups. If the piece has 2 pendants, and each is to be engraved, that is also 2 set ups.

Personalised pieces cannot be returned for change of mind.



Arial :: a clean, modern font with simple lines, no seriffs. 

Script :: a classic cursive font, (not recommended for long messages/small spaces as it will not be very legible. Also be mindful that some initials in Script can look like other letters as we recognise them in more modern fonts – e.g. T and I can sometimes look like a J).

Almana :: a cursive script-like font, but less classic and closer to a handwritten feel

Roman :: a classic bolder font with serifs, often selected for Roman Numerals, a classic feel for simple initials, names etc.

Roman Numerals :: in the ENGRAVING MESSAGE section, enter in the Roman Numerals, or alternatively, enter the number you would like converted to Roman Numerals and we will do the rest.

e.g. 14.2.2021 will be automatically converted to XIV.XII.MMXXI (if the font you selected was Roman Numerals).



Include the exact word / message that needs to be engraved exactly the way you would like it to appear on the piece. 

e.g. If you don’t want it in “inverted commas” don’t put it in “inverted commas”. Use lower case and upper case exactly where they are to be used in the engraved finish.


Need more assistance personalising your perfect piece?

Don’t hesitate to contact us at - we are more than happy to help!